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Contact Lens Exam & Fittings

We Make Contact Lenses Work For You

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Your eyes are like your fingerprints: totally unique. Every eye has its own specific needs and requirements. The good news is that this is one of the things that makes you an individual. The bad news is that it can make finding the right pair of contact lenses tricky (if not almost impossible).

No worries! The Envy Eyewear team is here to help you find your ideal contacts.

Finding the Right Fit

The Exam

The first step in finding the right contact lenses for you is to examine your eyes. We need to confirm your prescription and make sure you don’t have any conditions or health issues that might restrict, prohibit, or affect the use of contact lenses. If everything looks good, we’ll move on to the next step; the fitting.

The Fitting

Much like body types, eyes come in all shapes and sizes. Lenses that might fit a friend with your prescription might be terribly uncomfortable for you. That’s why we measure your eyes. We’ll take down the actual dimensions of your eyes which will help us find the ideal contact lenses for you.

The Test Drive

Now that we have all the information we need, it’s time to try out some contact lenses. We’ll give you a trial pair of the contact lenses that we think will work best for you. After a quick lesson on how to insert, remove, and care for your contact lenses, we’ll send you home with your trial lenses. You’ll wear these for a little while and decide if they’re as comfortable and functional as you need them to be.

If they’re not quite right, don’t worry. Sometimes it takes a few trials to find the perfect match. We won’t give up until we’ve found the contact lenses that work for you.

The Dos & Don’ts of Contact Lenses


  • Store your lenses in contact solution
  • Wear your lenses as directed
  • Replace your contacts when they expire
  • Rinse your contact lenses with solution before and after every wear
  • Keep your contact case clean


  • Share contact lenses
  • Wash your contact case with anything other than hot water
  • Top up the solution in your contact lens case; toss it out and completely replace it when it’s getting low
  • Use saliva or anything other than contact lens solution to clean your contacts
  • Wear expired contacts
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1944 Queen St. E
Toronto, ON M4L 1H6

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