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Protect Your Eyes For Every Activity

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Most of us rely on our eyes for even the most basic activities. Whether it’s the work day, or just a day relaxing, a good portion of our days centers around what we can do with our eyes. Despite that, we take our eyes for granted, leaving them exposed and vulnerable to all sorts of dangerous situations.

At Envy Eyewear, we care about the health and safety of your eyes. That’s why we carry a selection of safety, sports, and speciality eyewear to keep your eyes safe no matter what your day might hold.

Sports Eyewear

The first thing you do before you play, compete, or really do anything athletic is gear up, right? You protect your body with pads, guards, and helmets. But what about your eyes? Most of us forget how vulnerable our eyes actually are, leaving them exposed and unprotecting when we go out to play. Our sports eyewear keeps your eyes safe so you can focus on the game at hand.


Sports eyewear isn’t all about protection; it’s also about performance. Studies indicate that sports eyewear can increase an athlete’s vision and reaction time. Concerned about style? Don’t be. We offer lots of sports eyewear that give your the protection and stability you need in a style you’ll be stoked to wear.

Tinting & Filters

With the right lenses, your sports eyewear could work even harder for you. A day on the water is way more enjoyable with anti-glare lenses to cut the sunlight reflecting off the water. Your golf score could be way lower with tinting designed to make the most of low light. And let’s not forget UV protection. All of our sunglasses offer 100% UV protection to keep your eyes safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

Safety Eyewear

Most eye injuries are completely preventable. While you may feel like a job or project is too small to require protective eyewear, is it worth the risk? Don’t gamble with your eyesight. Envy Eyewear carries a range of safety eyewear to keep your eyes safe in any situation. Visit us in store and ask what safety eyewear we have to suit your needs.

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Well Made & Thoroughly Tested

Our safety eyewear is made from the strongest materials available, all of which have been rigorously tested for strength, sturdiness, and chemical resistance.

Don’t want to wear safety glasses over your regular glasses? It’s not a problem. We can put prescription safety lenses in your safety eyewear without sacrificing any of the strength or resilience.

Check Out Our Optical Shop in The Beaches

We’re located just 20 minutes south of downtown Toronto, and a short walk from the beach. Let us set you up with a stunning new look today.

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